Ithaca, known as the home of Odysseus, is located in the Ionian Sea near to Kefalonia and Lefkada. It has two ports, Vathi and Piso Aetos, that connects it with the rest of the Ionian Islands and the Patras and the Astakos.

 It is one of the smaller islands of the Ionian Sea, that is renowned for its traditional villages but also for its rare beauty. Sights of Ithaca is the Cave of the Nymphs where, according to Homer, Odysseus hid the gifts from the island of Corfu, the bust of Odysseus, the House of Karaiskaki etc. The picturesque bays of the island, the beaches and the secluded beaches where someone has access only by boat, makes her one of the first preferences of visitors with yachts and boats.