Choose the area and type of yacht you prefer, along with your dates and contact us, to check availability, then hold an option (which you may usually hold for seven days) or make your booking. Having booked, our Charter Party Agreement (CPA) will be sent to you. This should be signed and returned with your down payment. No booking will be confirmed until the CPA has been signed and the down payment made. We recommend that for charters during peak season, inquiries for bookings should be addressed several months in advance.

In the summer season, the "Meltemi" wind in the Aegean Sea is an on and off phenomena that can produce heavy weather. If the Beaufort Force is over 6, motor yachts are not allowed to leave marinas and harbors. Sailing yachts may leave when the weather is Force 6, but should do so with caution, and the crew should be prepared for ruff seas and a lot of spray. If the Beaufort Force becomes Force 7 or higher, all vessels are disallowed departure. The Dodecanese Islands do get affected by the Meltemi, but not as severely as the Cyclades Islands.

On the other hand, the Ionian Sea is generally a much more stable area for cruising with flatter seas and a gentle breeze.

You should check the following links :

Poseidon System - Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
freemeteo.com - Weather Forecasts for the Entire Planet
meteo.gr - Specialised Forecasts

Fresh water can be more difficult to source than fuel. Out in the islands this can involve a tanker truck that isn’t always immediately available. Good planning will help minimize delays for refilling your water tanks. Fuel is generally available on demand by tanker truck. Official ports and marinas require you to present your boat papers and crew list. There is generally a small fee required for overnight berthing. Anchoring is free, but be careful in looking after your tender as loss of this equipment is your liability.
The cost of a skipper is 140 €/day plus food and beverages. Using a skipper is a good way to insure you will get the most value out of the time you have to cruise. The skippers sourced by our company all have extensive experience throughout the Greek Isles and they always provide visits to those special places that aren’t emphasized or widely discussed in the Greek Waters Pilot Guide.

The following services are provided if requested with an additional cost.

- Yacht Provisioning
- Airport Transfers - Ferry Tickets to all Greek Islands
- Sightseeing Tours
- Car Rental
- Hotel Accommodation
- Aviation Service